Share and Care Board Members


Jackie Clark
Haylee Carroll

Brent Smith
Seth Zimmerman
Nikki Eberstein

Program Directors

Fundraising Coordinator – Emily Smith & supported by Haylee Carroll & Lisa Sweeting.  Emily will provide support, information and ideas to individuals interested in fundraising for S&C.

Butterfly Advocate – Stacy  Register & Gabrielle Rainville Thompson. The will support families who are in the final stage of CS and
develop ideas to continue to better serve our bereaved families.

Event Coordinator – ( Looking for someone to do this ) Responsible for helping planning yearly conference with local hosts and developing ideas on
how to connect more families for gatherings during the year.

New Family Advocate – Trisha Gonzalez & supported by Haylee Carroll

Sibling Advocate – Alejandra Medina McKinney & supported by Haylee Carroll, Stephanie Hodges & Emily Smith

CS Child Advocate – Kelly Curtis Read , Ann Curtis & supported by Trisha Gonzalez.

Webmaster – Haylee Carroll, Tim Carroll, Jackie Clark & Judy Lovell Thompson

Medical Supply Advocate – Noela Garcia

Social Media Coordinator – ??? Jeanie Carey Decker & supported by Trisha Gonzalez, Jackie Clark, Haylee Carroll, Emily Smith, ??? Rachel Watson & Lydia Munoz-Evans

Grant Coordinator – Lisa J Sweeting